Friday, April 6, 2012

Healthy Snacking Despite Easter

We all know that Easter candy is the best candy of all holidays during the year. For one reason or another, I have received (or purchased) TONS of Easter candy this year. Unfortunately, delicious candy + 3 months post-baby belly = extra tummy to love.

So in the spirit of wanting to be a bit healthier (for baby and myself), I have been reading lots of blogs and articles and finding ways to be a healthier me. I've been observing myself and found that the crux of the problem is my unhealthy snacking. When you're carrying around a baby with one hand, and eating with the other, you need quick, accessible food. Did you know that Cadbury Mini Eggs are quick and easily accessible? Well they are. In fact, I took pictures of all the places in my house where candy is stashed as kind of a guilt trip for myself:

Desk Drawer
Night Stand
Easter Package
Kitchen Counter
Food Pantry (the black beans are trying to hide it)
Other side of the Kitchen Counter (healthy food, too!)

 Luckily, before I discovered how squirrel-like I am in my candy stashing, I decided to overhaul my snacking habits and prepare easily accessible healthy snack food, as seen below:

Here we have some red and yellow bell peppers (which I recently started liking raw about 2 weeks ago), cubes of cheese, applesauce, cucumbers, pineapple, yogurt, hummus, (not pictured:) cottage cheese, and cut up strawberries. I also bought some deluxe mixed nuts at the store, whole grain crackers, and some melons that I have to cut up as well.

In addition I wanted some healthy more substantial snack ideas, so I looked online and through cookbooks, and compiled this list:

For the past two days I have been doing this healthier snacking/eating thing; I have been a much better snacker. I still have the candy lying around and I won't be throwing it away until Monday (after Easter), but I feel much better about the few treats that I have been eating. Now the trick will be to keep my house stocked with these healthy foods that are easy to snack on and easy to make. 


  1. Great idea! While I am not a candy stasher... I do find myself STARVING (especially right now since I'm pregnant) with nothing fast to snack on. I'll end up eating something I really don't want to. This is a great way to combat that by just taking the intiative ahead of time!

  2. Good Job J'aime!!
    You inspire me!